Dharma Kelleher
Dharma Kelleher
Rebecca Storozuk
Rebecca Storozuk
Mya Leilani Vasquez
Mya Leilani Vasquez
Brynn Tannehill
Brynn Tannehill
Gina Bigham
Gina Bigham
Harlow Rose Monroe
Harlow Rose Monroe
Kathe Perez
Kathe Perez
Dara Hoffman-Fox
Dara Hoffman-Fox
Catherine Peloza
Catherine Peloza
Zil Garner Goldstein
Zil Garner Goldstein
Noah Lewis, Esq.
Noah Lewis, Esq.
Carolina Gutierrez
Carolina Gutierrez
Jamie O’Herlihy
Jamie O’Herlihy
Callie Wright
Callie Wright
Nicky Andres
Nicky Andres
Jean Franzblau
Jean Franzblau
Heather Brewer
Heather Brewer
Erin Tillman
Erin Tillman
Janet Hardy
Janet Hardy
Eryn Gitelis
Eryn Gitelis
Janna Barkin
Janna Barkin
Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva
Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva
Dr. Lyle (Cac) Cook
Dr. Lyle (Cac) Cook


OCT 2 – OCT 15, 2017

and 25 trans-focused professionals & allies
share their hard-earned knowledge
to inspire & empower you on your journey

If you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ, use the chat feature,
contact me on Facebook, or send me an email: cassie@empoweredtranswoman.com

Our Fantastic Speakers Have Been Featured On:

New York Times
Rolling Stone
Smithsonian Magazine
Denver 7 ABC
The Daily Beast
BI | BuzzFeed | The Advocate
The Guardian

a wide range of topics to cover
everything you need to know!

Some trans women know from early childhood with an unwavering certainty. Others face the weight of transphobia and isolation, pushing their feelings deep down and sometimes denying them entirely. There are also those who lack context and information, misunderstand their feelings, and never find a channel for their identity until they become aware of transgenderism as a human condition. At the summit, we’ll discuss the various narratives in our common experience.

 It’s common to feel pressure from society. Pressure to conform to the heteronormative. Even after embracing one’s gender non-normativity, there is still a pressure to follow the “right” path, but in reality each individual is unique. We’ll sit down with genderfluid, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer folk. We’ll meet individuals embracing their own choices of gender expression and explore what gender means to each of us.

Becoming aware of our gender “non-compliance” can be accompanied by regret, shame, and a sense of loss. We become aware that we’re not like others and we may feel isolated and alone. This can lead to internalized feelings of shame when coupled by transphobic messages at home, in our social circles or in the media. Shame is self-rejection. It leads nowhere. Taking pride in who you are can help you blossom into a unique, amazing person.

Coming out is a very personal experience. One must navigate aspects of personal safety, test the strength of bonds with family and friends, risk social and financial repercussions. We explore the challenges of coming out to family, friends, coworkers, classmates, parents, and children.

We are social beings. When confronted by a major life event, having a support circle can make the difference between success and failure – between finding the strength to persevere in the face of obstacles and challenges, or giving up full of regret. It’s important to have a strong support group who stand up as allies and say “I’ll be there for you.” We talk about “building your team,” and also dealing with non-supportive acquaintances.

Beauty tips! Electrolysis! Fashion! Most of us never had the opportunity to learn beauty tips as a natural part of becoming a young woman and we’re struggling to catch up. What are the best ways to learn the skills normally passed on from mother to daughter and middle school friends? We’ll interview some experts and share their best tips with you.

For many of us, the most intimidating aspect of transition are the medical steps. We interview transition-focused medical professionals and gals who have gone through the process for insight. Bring focus to the steps involved, learn how to best prepare yourself for the various medical procedures, and find out what to expect during all steps of these procedures.

Coming out to family can be quite challenging. They have witnessed you in their lives as one form, and may be reluctant – or simply awkward – at adapting to the new you. On top of that, there may be expectations as to the role you’d occupy in their lives; and it can be even tougher if their worldview or religious beliefs hold them back from seeing you for who you are. We’ll talk about the best ways to deal with these difficult interpersonal dynamics.

By far the most stressful aspect of coming out trans can be the workplace. An income is essential to function in this society. Beyond that, we want to be proud of our careers and we want to be respected and accepted in the workplace. We’ll talk about being trans at work with women in many different career paths.

The current administration has proven itself no friend of LGBT people and it has targeted transfolk in particular in efforts to pander to ‘conservative’ (bigoted) politicians. There are many ways to fight back. We’ll talk to several activists who are doing just that.

Candid conversations with amazing, trailblazing women. Question-and-Answer sessions with psychologists, doctors and professionals helping trans women. A unique event focused entirely on trans women’s success.

And the best part is… you can get FREE ACCESS
to all of the sessions!



Monica Helms is a longtime, nationally recognized trans-rights activist, author, and veteran of the United States Navy. She is the creator of the Trans Pride Flag.

Monica founded the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) in 2003, and remained president until 2013. On May 1, 2004, TAVA sponsored the first-ever Transgender Vets March to the Wall. She continues to advocate for trans service members and veterans.

Her political activism includes lobbying state legislators in Arizona and Georgia, and Congress on Capitol Hill.

In 2004, Monica was the first trans person ever elected to a DNC Convention from Georgia and the South.

Monica F. Helms is a transgender activist, author, and veteran of the United States Navy. She is the creator of the Transgender Pride Flag.

Nationally Recognized Latina Transgender Activist & President of TransLatin@ Coalition.

Bamby Salcedo

Latina Trans Activist

Co-founder of the Trans Women of Color Collective & Counselor at the NYC Anti-Violence Project. Focused on Trans Women of Color, LGBTQ survivors of violence, & Women's Rights.

Vanessa Victoria

Activist, Entertainer

A former Navy Pilot, campaign analyst and senior defense research scientist, Brynn has written for HuffPost, OutServe, The New Civil Rights Movement, and Queer Mental Health.

Brynn Tannehill

Writer, Activist
Trans United Fund

Miss T Netherlands 2017 Miss Congeniality - Miss Trans Star International 2016 Miss Argentina Trans International 2016/17.

Maxima Victoria Caram

Miss Trans Netherlands

Isley Reust is a Los Angeles based actress, musician & producer.

Isley Reust

Trans Indie Rocker

Jazmin Soledad Martinez is a model and crowned winner of Miss Trans Argentina. Jazmin is currently in Barcelona competing for the title of Miss Trans International.

Jazmin Soledad Martinez

Miss Trans Argentina

Chair, Board of Directors - Utah Pride Center; Treasurer, Transgender Education Advocates of Utah

Sue Robbins

Chair, Board of Directors
Utah Pride Center

Becca Z. Reynolds is a public speaker, registered nurse and former paramedic. Becca conducts seminars on health and wellness.

Becca Z. Reynolds, RN

Public Speaker

Gina Bigham is the Program Director for Trans*Lounge - a transgender education, empowerment and social program at the LA LGBT Center.

Gina Bigham

Program Director,

Michaela is a transgender activist, public speaker, and businesswoman. She's the Founder of the California Transgender Workplace Program, and Board Member of The Trevor Project.

Michaela Mendelsohn

Business Leader,
Trans Advocate

Sally is a trans and bi woman, educator, advocate and diversity trans-re-lator based in Melbourne Australia

Sally Goldner

Trans Advocate, Educator

Lisa is a public speaker on LGBT diversity and equality, and Chair of the York LGBT Forum.

Lisa Kelly

LGBT Forum,
York , England

Jennifer Louse Lopez is a trans activist in NYC. She's the founder of the T.R.A.N.S. network.

Jennifer Louise Lopez

Trans Advocate in NYC

CEO of the Transgender Liberation Project - former Director of Programs at the Audre Lorde Project

Mya Leilani Vazquez

Diversity Consultant

Dharma Kelleher is a thriller author with a focus on queer and trans characters. Her Shea Stevens series was published by Random House.

Dharma Kelleher

Thriller Writer
Author, 'Shea Stevens' Books

Jamie O'Herlilly is a YouTube vlogger in Ireland focusing on trans issues.

Jamie O’Herlilly

YouTube Vlogger,

Miliana pursues acting and modeling while working as a makeup artist. Miliana holds degrees in Music and Psychology from FSU, and has her sights on post-graduate studies.

Miliana Singh

MAC Makeup Artist,
Actress, Model

Carolina Gutierrez is an actress, activist, and vlogger. Her passion is to express herself creatively while positively impacting the lives of others

Carolina Gutierrez

YouTube Vlogger
Actress & Activist

Cathy Serino is a Veteran, and a transgender activist in middle Missouri.

Cathy Serino

Trans Activist in Missouri

Florence Ashley is a jurist and transfeminine activist from Canada. She is a LL.M. candidate with a focus on trans health policy and critical trans studies.

Florence Ashley

Jurist & Activist
from Canada

A transwoman active in Jewish tradition and culture, Talia Johnson's perspective bridges mental health, being trans/queer, and spirituality/faith.

Talia Johnson

Jewish Priestess

Diamond Stylz is an activist, social media guru, YouTube personality. Diamond Stylz is dedicated to the image and visibility of the African-American trans experience.

Diamond Stylz

Trans Activist,

Christina is a young trans woman of color with a unique perspective, having surgically transitioned at age sixteen and lived on 4 continents.

Christina Tibbs

Trans Advocate
from South Africa

Nicky Endres is a transfeminine, genderfluid actress with a long list of credits in film, theater and television.

Nicky Endres

Film & TV Actress

Magdalena is a psychologist, and a transfeminine activist in her native Chile. Magdalena is the Director of OTD Chile.

Magdalena Fabbri

Trans Activist in Chile

Parent, Step-parent of transkid, wife of genderqueer transmasculine veteran, Student, Activist, co-leader of a trans rights political group.

Melina Rayna

Parent of a Trans Child,
Trans-Rights Activist

Callie is a trans woman, activist, and podcaster from Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s been a trans activist since 2013. Callie is a board member Heartland Tans Wellness Group.

Callie Wright

Board Member, TransWellness.org

Dr. Scott Mosser, a board certified plastic surgeon performs gender confirming surgeries at the Gender Confirmation Center of San Francisco'

Dr. Scott Mosser, MD

Confirmation Surgeon

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily MD

Plastic Surgeon

Marci Bowers, MD, is a pelvic and gynecologic surgeon with more than 26 years' experience and is acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of Genital Reassignment Surgery.

Dr. Marci Bowers, MD

Gynecologic & Pelvic Surgeon

Jimena is a gender specialist who teaches social justice at the college level. She specializes in helping beginners work through the hard process of recognizing their own roles in oppressive systems.

Jimena Alvarado, PhD


Dara Hoffman-Fox is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a gender therapist in private practice, and the author of The Gender Guidebook.

Dara Hoffman-Fox

The Gender Guidebook

Robert Sapolsky is the John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Professor of Biology, Neurology and Neurosurgery at Stanford University.

Robert Sapolsky, PhD

Neurology Professor

Dr. Weissman is a clinical psychologist. Her practice focuses on gender. Abi has a passion for helping Jewish Trans And Queer Jewish folk resolve conflicts between faith and identity.

Dr. Abi Weissman

California Psychologist

Traci W. Lowenthal, Psy.D. is a Psychologist and Gender Therapist, and owner of Creative Insights Counseling.

Traci Lowenthal, PsyD

Creative Insights

Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva leads the "Transition & Beyond" group in L.A. A clinical psychologist with a focus on gender identity, Dr. Z has been counseling transgender folk for over a decade.

Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva

Clinical Psychologist specializing on trans issues

Zil Garner Goldstein, FNP-BC is an Assistant Professor of Medical Education, and Program Director for the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai.

Zil Garner Goldstein

Program Director,
Mount Sinai Trans Medicine

Janet W. Hardy is an alternative sexuality author, educator & speaker. She is the author or co-author of eleven books, including GirlFag and The Ethical Slut.

Janet Hardy

Author, Speaker,

Lyle Cook, PA is the Director of the Transgender Health Program at St. John's Children Hospital, and a board-certified physician assistant, providing medical care to the trans community.

Lyle Cook, PA

Director, Transgender Health Program

With over 10 years of bra fitting and lingerie industry experience, Kimmay is passionate about helping women discover their beauty and confidence.

Kimmay Caldwell

Lingerie Specialist,
Bra Fitter

Owner of Beverly Hills Hair Free - Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker, Teacher

Alana Dzurek

Hair Removal

Erin Tillman (The Dating Advice Girl) is a Dating Empowerment Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Author, Speaker, and Radio/TV Host.

Erin Tillman

"The Dating
Advice Girl"

"I believe that everything can be elevated into an art form. I spend 1/2 of my time creating, the other 1/2 coaching people who create masterpieces." - Noam Kostucki

Noam Kostucki

Business Coach,
Entrepreneur, Dreamer

A power ally and advocate, Kathe Perez is an internationally recognized speech-language pathologist focused on trans folk. Kathe is the creator of Eva, the voice training app.

Kathe Perez


Owner of PRYDE Voice & Speech Therapy. Volunteers at Trans* Lounge Hollywood, providing voice feminization workshops.

Eryn Gitelis


Tina Baily is the mother of two transgender and three cisgender children. Tina is a trans advocate, admins several trans support groups and participates in local outreach.

Tina Baily

Parent of a Trans Child,
Trans-Rights Activist

Catherine is the proud parent of a young transwoman very active on YouTube. She aims to give children resources and knowledge to avoid the struggles her daughter experienced.

Catherine Peloza

A Trans YouTuber's
Proud Parent

Janna is proud mother of a trans son, author, and a passionate trans youth rights advocate. Janna is the author of He’s Always Been My Son, writes for the HuffPost.

Janna Barkin

Founding Member,
Ally Moms

Care is the founder of Birth Education Center and has supported all genres of families. Care now works with Jean Franzblau in nurturing touch support.

Care Messer

Nurturing Touch Practitioner

Heather Brewer specializes in working with sexuality and gender from a body-oriented, feminist approach.

Heather Brewer, LMFT


Jean Franzblau is the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary - L.A.’s resource for cuddle events, professional cuddling services and training.

Jean Franzblau

Nurturing Touch Expert

Jennifer Orthwein is a civil rights attorney and forensic psychologist. Her firm, Medina Orthwein LLP, specializes in employment discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower protections, wage and hour, Title IX, and civil rights for prisoners.

Jennifer Orthwein PhD, Esq.

LGBTQIA-Rights Attorney

Felicia Medina is a civil rights attorney and forensic psychologist. Her firm, Medina Orthwein LLP, specializes in employment discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower protections, wage and hour, Title IX, and civil rights for prisoners.

Felicia Medina, Esq.

LGBTQIA-Rights Attorney

Noah Lewis, Esq. is the founder and Executive Director of Transcend Legal, a national nonprofit focused on helping people access trans-related health care under insurance.

Noah Lewis, Esq.

Executive Director,
Transcend Legal

Gillian Cameron is a teacher, artist, storyteller. Gillian is the creator of the weekly web-comic "Calogrenant," following the adventures of a transgender medieval knight.

Gillian Cameron

Creator of the Trans Comic "Calogrenant"

"Being where i am; knowing what is; discarding what is not; doing what is kindest" - Seranine

Seranine Elliot

Public Figure

Katrina Turner is the owner and moderator of a large Facebook-based Trans & LGBT community called Transgender & LGBTQIA News - with over 10,000 members.

Katrina Turner

Trans Advocate

Clair Farley is a community leader, writer, and trans advocate. She is the Director of Economic Development at the San Francisco LGBT Center.

Clair Farley

Dir. of Economic Development,
SF LGBT Center

Alison is New York City's "Woman Trapped inside a Woman's Body." She performs stand-up at Universities and other venues across the USA.

Alison Grillo


Carmarion D. Anderson is a visible trans-identified person who advocates for Inclusion and Social Justice. Carmarion is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Transwomen, Inc.

Carmarion D. Anderson

Executive Director,
Black Transwomen, Inc.

Katherine works in peer crisis counseling for the Trans Lifeline. Together with James, she runs the blog Two Trans One Van.

Katherine Blake

"Two Trans, One Van"

James is a father, writer, former nurse, LGBTQ advocate & activist. He is committed to spreading awareness through his blog Two Trans One Van.

James Blake

"Two Trans, One Van"


Cassandra Brighter

Cassie Brighter is a public speaker, group facilitator and coach. As a facilitator at SexPositiveWorld.com, she has focused on workshops on personal boundaries and personal empowerment.

Cassie began her transition in 2014. Her own personal transition journey brought to light the limited resources available for women undergoing transition and people questioning their gender.

Working with transition-focused professionals, and a group of powerful, outspoken trans women, Cassie has assembled this Online Summit to give you the resources you need.

Would you like to hear from trans women who are trailblazers, warriors and opinion leaders? Would you like to learn how to make your transition, and your day-to-day life EASIER and MORE FUN? Would you like to be part of an event that is all about empowering you and helping you reach your goals?

If yes… claim your access TODAY!


Gain Certainty
& Confidence

One of the biggest obstacles for someone questioning their gender or experiencing gender dysphoria is lack of confidence as to
what to do about it. And even for those transitioning, or already transitioned, there are pockets of uncertainty that undermine our daily life. Get confident! Sign up FOR FREE.

Save Yourself
From Painful Mistakes

Uncertainty can result in paralysis and fear – but it can also result in desperate, unproductive actions that can cause more harm than good. Learn from our mistakes! Tap into a combined wealth of experience from trans women who have been there, and from professionals here to guide you. Sign up FOR FREE

Achieve Your Dreams
Much Faster!

Seeing how others faced similar obstacles can give you more courage to face your own battles. Hearing how prominent trans women deal with situations that you face can point you at solutions and approaches you haven’t thought of. Sign up FOR FREE


Black Transwomen, Inc.
Utah Pride Center
Trans* Lounge
LA LGBT Center
Transcend Legal